Our Mission


What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘first’?

First date? First love? Or that first bite of the fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza? 

Whatever that comes to mind, we all have our firsts. Some may find them exhilarating but some firsts might be scary. 

Like bungee jumping out of a bridge, ‘firsts’ feels like walking towards uncertainty. You may find yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram, Youtube, and reading countless books trying to figure out to the T to make sure you know what to expect. Whatever that looks like, at the base of it, we just wished someone had prepared us for what’s to come - a GPS for all our firsts. 

Now that’s us as adults. To get scared is a normal response out of something we know nothing of. But fear often paralyzes us, thus getting stuck in what could be our next milestone. 

The same thing happens to our children. A child’s world is full of firsts that will help them grow towards their developmental milestones. Just like us, navigating a strange and unfamiliar world may seem scary. But, what if I tell you that we can help our children get through their firsts better? Just how scrolling through Instagram, Youtube, and reading books help guide us adults, we too can be the same for our children. 

That’s where Wunderkidd comes in - our books are designed based on lived experience that will help prepare your children on what to expect for their firsts - first potty experience, doctor appointment, becoming a sibling, and so much more!

Inspired by real stories and modeled by real families will better align children’s expectations to reality. This will not only help children get through first experiences better but put parents at ease (psst! We know how frustrating it could get when children throw a tantrum *wink). Plus, reading with your children is a great way to build connections.

Knowing what to expect or what’s to come may not make you feel fearless, but it will certainly make you fear less. Here’s to creating wunder for our kidd!