What Parents Are Saying

Giuliana M.

Best potty training books

We ordered these books to help my little one to have a general understanding about going potty. The real images and the content was were helpful and my kid was very interested in them. I'd recommend theses books for all the moms who are starting this journey with their kiddos.

Amelia F.

Daughter loves this style of book!

My 3-year old daughter is enthralled by these stories. They are clear, straightforward and captivating for her! Hoping this book set will help us on our potty training journey.

Danielle H.

So great!

This is the perfect book for a toddler about to be a big sibling. It gives so many helpful examples of what goes on during this transition. My son adores this book and loves the real pictures!

We believe in the power of storytelling to support social-emotional learning

Real Photos

Children under 5 have a difficult time distinguishing fiction vs reality. We make it easy for your child to align expectations with reality with real-life photos.

Real Stories

Inspired by real-life stories so your child knows what is happening now and what happens next. Prepared child, smoother transition.

Real Families

Seeing another child's experience reassures your child that they, too, can do this.

Our Story

Our story begins when we took our daughter to her 18-month checkup. Like most young children, new experiences that are not part of her routine can easily overwhelm her. She had a big emotional outbursts at the doctor's office, and we found ourselves helpless not knowing how to support her better. After a few trials and errors, we discovered the power of storytelling in helping her prepare and process big experiences.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help both children and parents feel confident in navigating life's big moments through lived experience storytelling. Just like adults, navigating a strange and unfamiliar world may seem scary. But, what if we tell you that we can help our children get through their firsts better? That's where Wunderkidd comes in.

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