Our Story

We are a family of four on a mission to support children prepare and process life's big moments through lived experience storytelling.

Wunderkidd was born out of a parent’s frustration in wanting to understand and help their kid better. 

Our story begins when our firstborn went to her 18-month wellness check-up. Like most young children, new experiences that are not part of her routine can easily overwhelm her. She threw the biggest tantrum at the doctor's office, and we found ourselves helpless not knowing how to support her better.

A few months later (and a few trial and errors later) as we approached her 2-year check-up, we discovered the power of storytelling. We talked to her about what to expect, showed her pictures of other kids going to the doctor, and doing it over and over again. To our surprise, she walked to her 2-year appointment with so much more confidence and a lot less tears.

That's when we experienced first hand how the power of storytelling can help increase confidence and reduce both emotional and behavioral outbursts. With Wunderkidd, we aim to help both parents and children grow their confidence in dealing with life's big moments through lived experience stories that children can relate to. From one parents’ cry to another - this is for you and by you: stories for your child, inspired by life’s big adventures.